WOX Page Specification

Capacity of pages Number of pages that can be created: Unlimited
Capacity of the uploader
  • File capacity: 100MB (Premium users up to 32GB)
  • 1 File size upper limit: 600KB (Premium users up to 6MB)
The uploader will share with all the services
File formats that can be uploaded
  • Image file: jpg · gif · png
  • Audio file: midi · wma · mp3 · aac · m4a
  • Movie files: wmv · mpg · flv · mov · 3gp · 3g2 · amc · mp4 · swf · asf
  • Others: html · txt · pdf · doc · xls · ppt · lzh · zip
Image thumbnail generation function It corresponds to jpg, gif, png.
Thumbnail size can be specified when uploading image file.
  • Easy mode: Up to 600000 characters per article
  • In advanced mode: HTML column 800000 characters, CSS column 600000 characters
My template Save up to 20 items
Page URL Subdomain method:https://Page ID.pages.wox.cc
The page ID can be arbitrarily named by the user at the time of registration. Changes after registration are impossible.
Original domain Correspondence (Premium users only)
Pages publication setting It can be selected from "the whole Internet", "the entire WOX user", "WOX friend only", "password restriction", "temporarily paused". Other restrictions on access by IP address and host name.
Various affiliate use Yes (Premium users only)
Commercial use Yes
Adult content Yes (content contrary to Japanese law is not allowed)
Advertisement display
  • Premium users will not be shown.
  • Free users display for 30 days when there is no new page creation.
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